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Joby tickets

A limited number of tickets are available for our Saturday 19th october screening of Joby, the 1975 ITV TV programme based on Stan Barstow's eponymous novel. Tickets are £3.00 and can be obtained from the Cluntergate Centre, Rickaro Books and The Library or by email -...

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Redbox Gallery

Redbox Gallery occupies a K6 telephone box which the Society purchased from BT for £1. Redbox has a strong curatorial policy which requires all commissioned artists to find a Horbury institution or organisation to engage with, and to concieve a new work inspired by...

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Horbury Aviary

The Horbury Aviary project seeks to establish a large number of bird sculpture windvanes on buildings around the town. The bird sculptures are the work of Bruce Williams and each bird is personalised for the...

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We have an ongoing cultural programme of events: talks, walks and visits. We arrange visits to places of interest. Here we are visiting Streets in the Sky in Halifax. This event was facilitated by Halifax Civic Society.

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