A new installation by Emily Binks is now on show at Redbox.

Emily Binks. b.1992, Wakefield.
Emily Binks is an Artist, creative practitioner and teacher based at the Art House, Wakefield since
2015. Binks works predominantly manifest as, but are not limited to, sculptural forms or
installations, which examine the notion of ‘home’. Binks explores ideas using mixed media
including reclaimed, discarded furniture, neon and materials often associated with temporary
shelter construction.
Binks’ practice has lines of enquiry, spinning off into public engagement projects and most
recently the teaching of art in an alternative school provision in Bradford; with strong interest and
investigation into how to engage and enable people to access, make and enjoy sculpture as an art
With works exhibited across the UK, Binks has previously partnered with a number of galleries and
institutions such as Leeds Art Gallery, The Tetley and The Hepworth, was shortlisted for the
BLOOM Award 2018, Selected YSI Engagement Artist 2019 and Sculpture Network Artist 2022, as
well as participation in a number of international Artist Residency Programmes.