Vision for Horbury – An Action Plan

The township of Horbury includes Horbury Village, Horbury Bridge and Horbury Junction. It is an ancient settlement dating from before William the Conqueror and the Domesday book. We appreciate Horbury as an attractive township, full of historic character, surrounded by open countryside, on the edge of Wakefield. Although mainly residential it is built on a proud heritage of the woollen industry and railway engineering. It retains a variety of Listed and locally important heritage buildings, many constructed from locally quarried stone.

In order to protect and enhance it as a unique ‘Place’ for the benefit of its people over the next fifteen years, Horbury Civic Society has developed an ‘Action Plan’ for Horbury which sets out ambitious objectives to address the key challenges over this period.

Although the ‘Vision for Horbury’ Action Plan has no powers to enforce changes, the aspects relating to future planning and development in Horbury will provide detailed guidance based on local knowledge and preferences to influence the Council’s decision making, but remaining within the framework and policies of the Wakefield Local Plan.

Action Plan – November 2022

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