Redbox Gallery has a timely new installation, addressing mental health issues

Thinking Outside the Box

A creative collaboration between Cate Frampton of Horbury Integrative Therapies and Claire Lake of Clearly Creative, a fused glass artist based in Ackworth.

Claire writes:

“A quirky gallery in a lovely setting was intriguing. An open brief to work with a local business provided a fabulous opportunity.

I began to Google the businesses connected to Horbury and Cate’s came up. I read more about what she does to help people of all ages get through difficult stages in their lives and it rang true with me, having suffered mental health issues and having worked closely with a counsellor to get me through it.

We had a meeting and we talked non-stop; we were very much on the same wavelength having a similar working background and Cate added the extra dimension to my proposed idea.  I loved her logo, the wise owl; I wanted it sitting in an enlightened tree with symbolic feathers suspended in mid air all around. I envisaged positive quotes to help passersby hold onto in their thoughts for the day and Cate gathered these from her clients e.g. “When the journey of life becomes too hectic take a detour and rest awhile”

I then transferred the quotes onto the white feathers, all of which are available to untie and keep or pass on from the outside of the box while they last!

Thinking outside the box will be on display until mid-summer