The Cricketers Arms was built in 1898 and is a traditional red brick late Victorian/Edwardian style building with a timber framed frontage to the third storey.

The pub was served by Melbourne Breweries, Leeds until 1960 when Tetley’s bought out Melbourne Brewery and it then became a Tetley house. By the early 1990s, the Cricketers had passed to Century Inns, but is now owned by Enterprise Inns.

After renovation and restoration in November 2010, the Cricketers was re-opened by Beerhouses. The exterior was re-badged using the same Arts and Crafts lettering used in the building’s foundation stone. The pub’s earlier connection with Melbourne Ales was emphasised by using the famous ‘bowing courtier’ symbol in signage and in the ground floor windows.

There is a beautiful oak bar, which was designed to match an Arts and Crafts German dresser found in a design book. Solid oak floor boards have replaced the old carpets. The windows behind the bar have been exposed and restored with one featuring stained glass with Arts and Crafts style lettering. Stained glass was also put in the windows of the internal doors using a pattern found elsewhere in the building, which is thought to be original.