The Methodist Church standing on this site today opened in 2016. It replaced a previous Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, St Paul’s (pictured), which opened in 1884 & was demolished in 2012 due to the structure becoming unsafe. St Paul’s had also replaced an earlier chapel on the same site, completed in 1846 & like its successor, it too had to be demolished for structural reasons, after only 37 years.

The present chapel has been constructed to incorporate the old schoolroom at the rear. This building was actually built by the Primitive Methodists who had a chapel next door on the right (now ‘Lucky Flower’ & ‘Bistro 42’) which opened in 1906 & was demolished in the 1960s.

Continuing along the High Street, away from the town centre, you will come to the old United Free Methodist Chapel at the bottom of Bank Street, now part of ‘Nettleton’s Furnishings’. On the way notice the 3 storey, Georgian ‘Lydgate Manor’ on your right. Within living memory this was a doctor’s surgery, now converted into flats. Across the road is ‘Lydgate’ Cottage, which dates from 1750. If you keep walking you will come to Westfield Congregational Church, at the end of the High Street, on your right.