Lee and Briggs, Ironmongers, was established in 1913 by Eric Edwin Lee & Edgar Briggs, in premises previously owned by Mr. Albert Teal, a cabinet maker and furniture dealer who was noted locally at the time because he wore a badly fitting wig. The building has three floors and the top floor was occupied by George Mathers, a cricket bat manufacturer. The middle floor by the Salvation Army, who used it as an assembly room. Lee and Briggs were located on the ground floor and was for over 70 years a Horbury institution. The shop was renowned far and wide as a place where you could buy things like a gas mantle or a 5/8″ Whitworth bolt, long after such things had gone out of fashion.


Alfred Radley Briggs

Edgar Briggs’ father was Alfred Radley Briggs. Alfred was born in the summer of 1863 to cloth manufacturer George Briggs and Sarah Elizabeth (nee Radley). He became a chemist & druggist with his business starting in the shop which has for many years has been Ingham’s DIY shop in Queen Street. He later moved to the corner of Queen Street & High Street, currently occupied by The Grooms Rooms.