In 1894 it was decided to form a Working Men’s Club in Horbury. It’s first location was at the top of New Street. The first President and Steward were Messrs. Andrew Lambert and Squire Robinson. The Club was first registered and affiliated to the Working Men’s Club and Institute Union in 1896.

It wasn’t long before the club began to outgrow it’s first home & on 26th July 1899, Hallcroft, Cluntergate became available to lease.

Hallcroft was a large house with 8 acres of land & far reaching views over Calder Grove & was owned by local solicitor John Schofield.

The Club constructed a bowling green & football & cricket pitches. There was also a bandstand at the lower side of the bowling green.

In the early years, local members used the club’s bathroom facilities after completing their day’s work in the local mines and engineering factories, to clean up before enjoying a pint or two at the bar.

During the First World War the Club was used extensively by troops coming and going to war.

For the full history of the Club – now known as Horbury Working Members Club, please visit their website.